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Raphaela escaped a violent life through determination and bravery

Raphaela escaped a violent life through determination and bravery Former track and field athlete turned boxing coach, Raphaela, left a toxic and abusive life in Papua New Guinea to pursue safety and empowerment. She recently won an Oscar Romero Resilience Award for bravery and determination. This is her story.  A

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Becca beats the odds and gives back to the community

Becca beats the odds and gives back to the community It’s been two years since single mother Becca arrived on the doorstep of the Romero Centre, destitute and alone. As well as the difficulties of adjusting to a new country, she was also separated from her children with no idea

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Gemma’s newborn journey

Gemma was pregnant, scared and homeless. Now she has hope Like many people seeking asylum in Australia, Gemma was homeless and struggling to survive. She shared her journey with the team at the Romero Centre. This is her story. Gemma fled from Sudan Sudan is a war-ravaged country in north-eastern Africa

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Aida’s unique challenge

Life went beyond her control There’s nothing more wonderful than the experience of sharing the first few weeks with your new baby. It can also be a very challenging time. Imagine the mixture of emotions Aida was facing as an asylum seeker with little income and a newborn baby! We shared

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Tran finds courage

Needing expertise and finding courage There is often discussion about defining the ‘hardest thing about being an asylum seeker’. Everyone agrees that trying to find food and accommodation with little, or no money are the most immediate challenges. Beyond these basic human needs, you could probably imagine the sadness of

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Abida seeks safety

Seeking safety and support People who are fleeing from dangerous countries are trying to escape persecution and need safety. It’s as simple as that. But for hundreds of people in the Brisbane area, their life is anything but simple – it’s complicated and frightening. We met Abida, who is affected

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Yadu’s story

Sharing Yadu’s journey Many people live in countries where simply belonging to an ethnic minority means discrimination, persecution and ongoing harassment. When political landscapes shift and authorities are unwilling to provide safety – the only choice is to flee and seek asylum in another country. We met Yadu six years

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Romero Centre volunteer, Joe, sits working at his computer while smiling at the camera.

Volunteer spotlight: Joe ​

Volunteer spotlight: Joe Meet Joe, one of our regular volunteers working in community engagement! What is your role at Romero?Identifying grant opportunities and writing grant applications. How long have you been volunteering at Romero?2 years. What prompted you to start volunteering at Romero?I retired from fulltime work in 2021. Working

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