Becca beats the odds and gives back to the community

It’s been two years since single mother Becca arrived on the doorstep of the Romero Centre, destitute and alone.

As well as the difficulties of adjusting to a new country, she was also separated from her children with no idea when she would see them again.

This is her story.

Fleeing the dangers of Papua New Guinea

Becca left her children in the care of their grandparents and made the journey to Australia in search of a better life.

When she reached the Romero Centre she was finally safe, but there were still numerous hurdles to overcome.

Having worked as a midwife in PNG, she was keen to continue in the profession, but unfortunately her qualifications were not recognised here, and she was forced to take a job in a restaurant.

Despite this, Becca forged ahead for the sake of her family – her spirit unbroken.

Romero Centre to the rescue

Brought to the Romero Centre by a kind-hearted community member, the team was on hand to provide crucial support – offering guidance through migration advice, securing her safe housing in a women’s shelter, and providing regular food and grocery parcels through the Oscar Romero Pantry.

How you can help

The support we were able to give Becca was made possible thanks to donations from people like you. Because we don’t receive any government funding, we rely solely on the goodwill of generous community members who donate to our centre.

As well as financial donations we always need essential items – pantry staples, toiletries, nappies and go cards to name a few.

Securing employment

Recognising her potential as a healthcare professional, the Romero Centre also facilitated a connection with Holy Cross Services – a partnership that opened the doors to new employment.

Becca was able to join the workforce at Holy Cross Laundry – a service which helps those locked out of employment due to disability and difference gain meaningful work.

Grateful for the opportunity, Becca commends HCL for providing her with appropriate payment, new skills, and a broader community support network.

Giving back to the community

Keen to contribute to Australia’s healthcare system, Becca enrolled in a Certificate III training course in Aged Care.

Her desire to use her nursing skills demonstrates her commitment to personal growth and the need to give back to the community that helped her when she needed it most.

Asylum Seeker Support Services in Brisbane by Mercy Community Services

Everyone has the right to feel safe, supported and welcome in the community. Become a Romero Hero by donating today to help our specialists at the Romero Centre provide much needed case support. Show you welcome the children, families and individuals seeking asylum in Australia. The journey of an asylum seeker is complicated and challenging but a simple act from you can help make it easier.

Make a donation or organise to fundraise for us today. They need us, and we need you.

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